Pictoplasma: White Noise

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

According to Wikipedia, Pictoplasma, is: an organization dedicated to the art of character design, and are notable for bringing it into the mainstream. Since 1999, they have encouraged the international character design scene by publishing collections of characters, organizing character design conferences and maintaining the Pictoplasma Archives, an extensive inventory, collection and showcase of contemporary character design."

Wikipedia, as adept as it is as describing everything so eloquently, doesn't however convey the whole truth of Pictoplasma. I remember coming across my first Pictoplasma showcase as a university student, whilst studying character design and animation. I now have two of their books in my collection which I cherish.

Character design has grown over the years to a profound and experimental art form which is both beautiful and awe-inspiring. As a designer, my love for alternative art is rather deep, I would even go as far to say as I actually love it far more that traditional exhibitions. Which is why I basically ran to the opening of the "White Noise - Too many Mascots, Not enough Character!". The group exhibition at La Casa Encendida, Madrid is of contemporary character design and art, focusing on current artistic strategy of hijacking, redesigning and creating mascots, while they increasingly free themselves from the contexts they used to stand for.

It features more than twenty international artists, illustrators and designers with artworks ranging from original pieces,  installations, limited prints and vinyl toys. The exhibition is accompanied by a series of artist talks and animation screenings and performances and runs until 8 September 2013. Definitely worth a look if you're in the vicinity!

More information, click here.

You can also read more about this friendly big inflatable white guy. His name is Solace, The Missing Link. He, was originally created by Pictoplasma to symbolize a generic character that has lost contact and context. If you do go to the exhibition, go up to the terrace to meet him and also escape the summer heat that has finally hit Spain!


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