Part 2: Michelberger Hotel & Honolulu Bar

Friday, 21 June 2013

So here's part 2, of The Michelberger Hotel & Honolulu Bar, Berlin! In this post I will discuss the design side of the experience I had at the Michelberger Hotel and Honolulu Bar.

In yesterday's post, I told you the story of how Tom Michelberger built the hotel with a group of some talented friends and family. But, the unique story does not end there! The Michelberger Hotel is also home to a graphic design studio, The Michelberger Design Studio, which does work for both the hotel and external clients. They are literally 'housed' in the hotel in room 132.

The studio has produced an extensive amount of work for both the hotel and the Honolulu Bar, however, they have created each item with such craftsmanship and attention to detail, that it feels as if each product is a brand unto itself.

I have chosen to highlight a few specific products that I encountered in my brief time at the Honolulu bar which reflect these aspects.

1. Michelberger's Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth is a coconut water based drink from the Michelberger Hotel (actually it is coconut water not coconut water based as the site says?!). The design studio created the packaging, website and promotional material for the product. You can view the full concept and product story here:

2. Honolulu Book Lamp

The studio made a new lamp for the Honolulu Bar out of the pages from old books.

3. Book of Booze

The bar menu of the Honolulu Bar is a biblical book of booze, complete with hand drawn illustrations and witty copywriting.

4. Michelberger Booze

Brand identity design, packaging, online presence and promotional design for the Michelberger Booze Company. The first product from the Michelberger Booze Company was a pair of drinks. A herbal liquor and a herbal distillate. They designed the bottle artwork on the theme of masks and fairy tales.

For more design visual enthrallment, visit their site.
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