London Calling

Monday, 3 June 2013

Ah May! It came and went and I did not blog. I have no excuses, but I did do a lot. I am going to try my best to catch up this month on the wonders of May.

At the beginning of May I went to visit my best friend and her husband that recently moved from good old Sunny SA to London. It must be something in the water that our generation has that sudden itch to up and leave at the moment. Any way she has a particularly spectacular blog that you should check out as well.

We ventured off to some unfamiliar territory as I have been to London before, but I have not seen some of the usual stuff. Some of the highlights for me were the Barbican - a definite must for design and architecture enthusiasts, Portbello Road and The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising. Camden was awesome, of course. But I was a bit disappointed because of the influx of other nationalities. I am all for globalism. Yay! Let's all be united. I love people. Unite! Unite! :D But, Camden was a cultural melting pot in it's hey day. The birth place of punk and rock and roll. We need more places where people can voice and give rise to new movements. It is just a giant flea market now. Le sigh. A big flea market with Doc Martins and New Rocks. 

My opinions aside. London is always lovely. 

Enjoy my pics and come back soon, I have some more to share! :) June is going to be splendid!


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