Bodegas Portia and medieval town of Lerma

Monday, 17 June 2013

What feels like many moons ago, actually it probably is now only a month ago. So let's settle with, some time ago during May (remember I am still catching up?!), I went wine tasting with one of my fellow Saffa's in Spain. We went off to do what good South Africans do best, drink wine!

Our wine tour was through some crappy company, which I care not to repeat. We were basically misled throughout the whole experience. Including being stuck in a town, where an average lunch meal for two people cost over 30 euro and the tour at the wine estate was in Spanish, even though it was advertised as it would be in English!

However, the bright side:

The quaint little town of Lerma was as picturesque as any little one horse Spanish medieval town in your dreams can be.

The building of Bodegas Portia (Portia Winery) is an architectural marvel, designed by architect Norman Foster. We were not allowed to take pictures inside the winery, however, the inside and the  process of the wine making is reflected in every aspect of the carefully considered building.

If you have some time and you are a wine enthusiast, I would suggest you head out there yourself, as you will have more time to enjoy the exquisite venue and even sample the wonderful on site restaurant. Just go to the visit us tab on their web page.


Panorama of restaurant at Bodegas Portia
Balcony view from the restaurant at Bodegas Portia


Bodegas Portia said...

Hi Seed,

Thank you for your visit and congratulations for your interesting post.

Hope to see you again in Ribera del Duero.

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