Copenhagen, Denmark

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Last week, I went off with the lovely group I am studying with to the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen has been on my bucket list of places to see before I die. Mostly because I really wanted to see the little Mermaid.


Pulling bikes that fell into the river up from the water
Old library wing next to new library wing
The weather on the first day was remarkably pleasant, sunny, yet icy winds prevailed. However, as the week progressed, the weather deteriorated abysmally. We had rain, we had wind and we also had mist, and not much sun after that. At first I didn't quite like the city. It is a bit clinical. It's a perfect society. Perfect in the sense that they have very few poor people, clean city spaces, gorgeous architecture, a society that mostly travels on bikes everywhere (by choice, even in minus degree weather!) and impeccable services.

Danish Philosopher  Soren Kiekegaard 
Royal Palace
Kids dressed in layers to watch the ducks
That and that their current city goal is to be the European Green City capital in 2014. I think my feelings were spurred my African mentality. Being green is a twitter #firstworldproblems. Starving Africans don't worry about being green when our greater population cannot read or have access to simple necessities. However, I have to say my mind has changed.

Inside the national library
Parliament building

After talking to people that live in Copenhagen. Copenhagians (I made up this word, is it Copenhagenite?) are warm and friendly. Their unending happiness and caring society is actually admirable. Even in a country with the worst weather conditions imaginable, people are happy, hard-working and have cultivated a compassionate and interested society.

Maybe life can be that easy? Imagine if all the cities in the world and their inhabitants concertedly worked towards developing each individual to their highest potential. That everyone took a part in ensuring the maintenance and development of infrastructure.

Maybe a few more grey days do a society good! I joke! Copenhagen is also a gastronomic epicentre, and home to Noma, currently ranked as the best restaurant in the world. Scandinavian society is synonymous with using their resources and uniqueness to an advantage. We sampled some of the food at two of the ranked restaurants in Copenhagen, Restaurant Relae and Mother. As with their food, their design - the main reason for our travels, is unique. They have developed research and development into an art form. With a focus on innovation, everything is created equally and considered with meticulous attention to detail.

Sculpture called "Key to the Future"

There is a section of Copenhagen, that very few people know about called Christiania. Let's call it the blemish on Danish society. We did a short walk through it and emerged on the other side with our eyes bloodshot, having passively smoked weed for about two hours. Hey, if you're a tourist. It's worth a visit. Particularly for the strange architecture of the houses and symbol, which is an owl!

So in short, this blogger entered a cynic and returned a lover. Thank you Copenhagen, you are beautiful example of how life can be.

Den Bla Planet - Great new aquarium in Copenhagen



Jeanette said...

wow that looks beautiful! I'll have to add it to my list!

Seed said...

Yes! Do it Jeanette! It's beautiful!

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