The Dark Owl Rises

Monday, 4 March 2013

Hello dear blog,

I have forgotten how this thing works. After a few months over debating whether to close up the blog, or hate the blog, ignore the blog and pretend it does not exist I have decided to come back. My inner conflict has pained me, to the point where thinking about blogging depressed me. But last night, while reading the recent posts of my some of my favorite bloggers, I decided to come back. Blogging on the whole was an extremely enriching experience. Except I am sure I did not gain the whole beauty of it because I was still some-what hesitant to share my life with the whole unknown scary world. But after the several months of strong debate, I have decided to cast my doubts aside and come back. I have gained so many really awesome friends from this blog, that taking it down would slightly kill me. I will persevere! So here I am. Back again. Sid is back, tell a friend.

A lot has happened. I will get into that in upcoming posts. For now, hello again. And now watch these beautiful French inspired videos:

C'est la vie - ENGLISH SUBS from Simone Rovellini on Vimeo.

Rouge By Carte Noire - Michael & Philippe - QUAD from QUAD on Vimeo.


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