IKEA's New Food Packaging

Monday, 23 July 2012

Swedish company IKEA, well known for its genius product range of homeware recently contacted Stockholm Design Lab to help rebrand their gourmet food range.

The design is clean and stripped down in a simple design style that screams all things Swedish. IKEA insisted that the designers use the company's house font, Verdana exclusively. They also ensured that the designers maintained the products' Swedish-language headings although the company exists in 41 countries around the world, 40 of which that don't speak Swedish. Thus, the design had a high demand to be self explanatory and inspirational at the same time.

Swedish Design Lab won a gold and bronze Lion in the Cannes Design Lions, for the packaging and design of the shiny silver and white tin can with herrings for IKEA. IKEA Skarpsill was selected amongst 2200 entries in the design category and is considered being affordable, smart, beautiful and very, very much IKEA.



Bo said...

I didn't realise that they had a food range. Interesting.

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