Living Life on the Edge: Photography by Dennis Maitland

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dennis Maitland is a photographer based in Detroit, USA. Dennis shoots an incredible vertigo-inducing photo series.
“It’s interesting to note that Maitland doesn’t use a remote to shoot these photos, he takes them all by hand. He mostly climbs old, dilapidated buildings, finds the roof of a place, and then takes photos of his legs sticking, precariously, out.

As he tells us, ‘When I started this series, in August, I was afraid of heights and I was afraid to climb ladders past 10 feet. After a few times sitting or standing on ledges, I found myself getting more comfortable with it. I soon realized how to tune everything out and just focus on getting a steady handheld shot. Now, when I go into a building, I’m always looking up and for stuff to climb. The series has pushed me out of my comfort zones and helped expand my creative boundaries. I’ve been able to concur my fear of heights and now I crave the adrenaline’.”

Found via My Modern Met.


Ana Degenaar said...

Wow! He is genius. Really genius.

Seed said...

He really is! :)

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