Handmade Cinema

Saturday, 21 January 2012

A great documentary to look out for in upcoming months, is Handmade Cinema.

Turning an actor into a character through sewing a beautiful turn of the century dress, crafting antique shoes and wigs as if they were art works or even building a set and painting it, "aging it" and making the stage designer's sketch a beautiful reconstruction, all this is Handmade Cinema. A 50-minute long documentary made by journalist Laura Delli Colli with Guido Torlonia, who is also the director,.

Handmade Cinema tells of the great family of Italian cinema who has saved the heritage of its manual skills and of an art which the entire world envies Cinecitta thanks to names which have never become brands and to the hands of special artisans who passed their skills on as a family secret, from father to son.

Artisans or srtists? They are the protagonists of this film, made with the support of Louis Vuitton to celebrate the respect and passion for the transmission of a treasured savoir-faire, of a craft which is still alive, not with standing the special effects.

You can visit the Handmade Cinema site here.


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