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Thursday, 19 January 2012

This month's 10 Things post is by the lovely and talented Tamara Harrison. Tamara is a jewelley and decorative object designer from Australia. Her name may ring a bell because I have mentioned before, Tamara was my Package Project partner and sent me the coolest most wonderful gifts.
Tamara’s start in jew­ellery design.
"I have grown up in cre­ative sur­round­ings and made my first piece of jew­ellery as a child (think huge Fimo ear­rings!) but the real pas­sion came when my Nana passed and I received her tin of but­tons. It inspired in me a desire to show off these trea­sures and keep Nan close to my heart. I exper­i­mented with var­i­ous styles that would show­case, not only the but­tons, but other beads, bits and bobs. After many, many hours per­fect­ing the tech­nique the woven pieces were born. After mak­ing one for myself in every colour and being stopped in the street by peo­ple want­ing to know where I got my neck­lace, the Tamara Har­ri­son Design busi­ness was born."

My 10 favourite things, in no particular order.

May I add that I really have many, many more than 10 and therefore, tried to keep within my 10 fav work related things.
My friend Alex from Sunday sunset took most of the pics for me, please visit the site as well!

1. Buttons, Beads and Bits (sundaysunset.images)
Whether it be jewellery or bridal bouquets the beauty of a single bead or button (or piece of hardware for that matter) is something I still am in awe over.

2. Jagged Edges (sundaysunset.images)
I have a thing for anything with a rough and jagged edge at the moment. The beauty of something fraying. Will be evident in my new bridal collection.

3. Stationary (old fashioned and electronic), Pens, Pencils, Journals. (sundaysunset.images)
I have always, even as a young child, LOVED stationary stores (and I still do). I buy journals and then don't want to mess them up by writing in them. So I pile them up and look at them lovingly. Then I think, wow, lets use these! And hey presto, amazing journals of my life and creativity.

4. The Colour Red (sundaysunset.images)
Mum tells a story that when asked what colour I wanted my room decorated I said black and red (I was two). She let me have red! Although I do love red it must be a blue based rather than a yellow red. So red has been with me my whole life and I am completely drawn to it.

5. Branches, Nature, Flora, Fauna (sundaysunset.images)
How do you pick? I couldn't, but I could narrow it down. I have a background in floristry and I am always drawn to branches. Especially magnolia, stone fruit and blossom branches. We have a council garden waste collection where you put all your trimmings on the front verge and the council take it away. One day I found all these branches on a verge and stopped to collect them. The man was in his front yard to I asked him if I could take them, he came over and said yeah, sure. Then before I could help myself I said to him 'these branches are beautiful', he looked at me like I was a lunatic! haha Next time I will just say 'thanks'!

6. Wire (sundaysunset.images)
My favourite medium to work with. It just does whatever you mould it to do. Love it. This image is of my most loved pieces of wire, they hang in my studio and every time I look at it I notice something different. Like the reflection of light, shadows, the imperfect circles.
Wire has become my 'signature' look in jewellery.
7. Latte (sundaysunset.images)
I stopped drinking coffee when I was pregnant and then, slowly, over time, it has crept back into my life. At most I have 1 a day, and I really, really enjoy it. I think it is partly the ritual of making it (or going to a cafe to soak up the atmosphere and getting someone else to make it)!

8. Textures (sundaysunset.images)
I can't get enough of textures - both implied and actual. They can add, depth, interest and character to anything. I use contrasting textures in absolutely everything, without even realising. Whether it be styling clothes, making a complex piece of jewellery, a bridal bouquet or a little story of ornaments around the house I look back and have contrast of texture every time.

9. Working on Jewellery (Retro Trash Photography)
I find I am compelled to work on my jewellery every day. It brings me so much enjoyment it hardly feel like work at all.

10. Pinterest http://pinterest.com/tamarahdesign/
This is the most amazing work tool ever! I can use it to put ideas together for brides to view, inspiration for myself and a wish list of all the wonderful places, things that will be in my life in the future!


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