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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Last year for Christmas, Robbie (Husband) gave me a beautiful picture book by Oliver Jeffers. We both have an ongoing fascination with beautiful picture books. Yes, we know they are for kids, but they are so marvelous that they unleash the child within us.

Yesterday, I was snooping around the internet, when I came across Oliver Jeffers site. Lo and behold the book Robbie gave me, "Lost and Found" was made into a BAFTA winning Animated Film as well as won two other literary awards.

I really love this book. It has delicate imagery and the most unusual and creative story. It's a captivating read for young and old alike. I would like to watch the movie after seeing the trailer. I will keep a look out for that. If anything, I am sure the list of awards assures you of the beauty and magical quality of this book.

I also found some other great work by Oliver Jeffers on his site. He has a quirky style and great sense of humor that he marries in wonderful narrative peaces. If you're looking for a last minute stocking filler, I highly recommend his books, you will thank me!


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