Sunday, 27 November 2011

I am sure I have blogged about MUJI before. I just can't remember when. Anyway, for new readers let me tell you about the greatness that is MUJI. I was introduced to MUJI two years ago, whilst in Japan. MUJI is a Japanese retail company which sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods. MUJI is distinguished by its design minimalism, emphasis on recycling, avoidance of waste in production and packaging, and no-logo or "no-brand" policy. The name Muji is derived from the first part of Mujirushi Ryohin, translated as No Brand Quality Goods on Muji's European website.

I found this super cute, MUJI XMAS Market video on YouTube. It really personifies the simplicity and joy of the Muji brand. 

And then, if you have a free moment, be sure to check out the MUJI site and MUJI Life game. 


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