Monday, 7 November 2011

I know, I know. I have neglected my blog. I apologize. It has now reached a point of becoming noticeable and people keep commenting. I am going to blog more. Well, I shall try. So let's catch up friends. What have you guys been up to lately? Here's some things, that have been keeping me away from your lovely face…

1. I learnt how to poach an egg. This was a huge achievement. Bravo, me! I was inspired after watching Julie and Julia. I got it right first time too! I would say if you're trying it out for the first time, use quite a shallow pan, so the egg doesn't drown and a splash of white vinegar will also help. Let me know if you do. I felt such a sense of accomplishment!
2. My beautiful Country Road Harmony Sandals in True Tan. So pretty, so comfy. I love them so much!
3. Music. You guys know how much I love the music! Been listening to the new Florence and the Machine, Black Keys and Feist. Great music in abundance lately!
4. Reading. I have been reading a lot lately. Everything from Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson (it's my bedside read) to tones on German design. Actually reading has been my main reason for not blogging lately.
5. Yellow daisies. I've been buying yellow daisies for the past few weeks. I once read somewhere looking at a flower, even for a few seconds each day can improve your mood. The same apparently can be said of coffee. So, every morning I have my cup joe while looking at the yellow beauties. Can't hurt, right?
6. I've been watching PANAM and The New Girl, courtesy of my lovely friend Emma. I am addicted to both. PANAM for the beautiful production design and costumes and The New Girl for the hysterical writing and Zooey Deschanel. Who doesn't love Zooey? (PS if you head on over to Emma's blog, you can enter a fantastic Jane Sews Giveaway).
7. Workouts. Because when you're feeling sad and stressed, as most people are feeling at this time of year, sweating till it hurts makes it better. Jillian Michaels scares me, sometimes I imagine her yelling at me at gym. It helps in some screwball warped way.


seems said...

I love NEW GIRL! Zooey is my absolute favorite!!

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