Monday, 28 November 2011

This morning, as I was driving home from gym at 6am, I saw the coolest thing! The sun was just beginning to come up, and after last nights rain everything was fresh and lucid. I had stopped at a stop street and was watching for oncoming traffic when I saw a large white thing move in front of me on the pavement. At first, I thought it was a dog. In my head, I was wondering how a dog got out that early and why the owners are just letting their dog run on the street. There was a man on the pavement walking in the same direction as the dog-thing. I assumed he was going after it, because he was languidly walking in the early morning sun.

When I looked closer, I realized the dog kept jumping up and down. After looking even harder, by this time the dog was moving into the grass thicket in the nature reserve that is opposite my house, I realized the dog looked rather large. At this point, I realized, the dog, was a large, white, BUNNY!

Image found here
I have never seen a wild white bunny. Let me have my moment. Sorry if this post sounds banal and lame. It really made my day. I mostly wonder how do white bunnies keep their coats so clean? I mean they live in holes and hop around. Did the bunny have a shower in the rain? Does anyone know how bunnies stay so clean?


mariellahunt.com said...

I had a white bunny. She would escape all the time. I honestly have no idea how the bunny in the picture is so clean looking...my white bunny looked gray a lot of the time!

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