Thursday, 27 October 2011

I am on leave today. The first official day of leave I have probably taken in two years! Don't pity me. I don't take leave by choice. I am one of those people. What prompted this, was the Hindu celebration of Diwali. This post is not about Diwali. I am still not comfortable blogging about my personal life in the same way people use their Facebook status to record their issues (seriously people, use a tissue, not Facebook).

Anyway, back to my splendiferous leave day. I was surfing the world wide webs just now and I have discovered a cool site, called NOWNESS. I probably am the last human to discover it, so leave me be. On the 'About' page, it says this: "NOWNESS is the digital leader in luxury storytelling. Each day, NOWNESS showcases an exclusive premiere of the most inspiring stories influencing contemporary culture and global lifestyle, previewing the latest in fashion, gastronomy, art, film, music, design, travel and sport. NOWNESS collaborates with the world’s foremost designers, creatives and thinkers in the luxury industry. NOWNESS is an innovative space where ideas, both timeless and timely, are first and foremost".

The site has some of the coolest videos I have seen in a while. Famous people, famous designers, etc all crafted into beautiful inspirational shorts with pretty music and lighting. I like. I like a lot. So here are my three of my favorites. Hope you are enjoying your Thursday. I am off to read on my day off! 


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