Paper Tales - An Exhibition by Maria Lebedeva

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Hello friends! I must apologize for being out of action all week. I have contracted a bacterial respiratory tract infection. All I can say is, if you get the flu this winter, it's no laughing matter. I had the bronchitis/sinusitis/flu about 4 times this year and progressively didn't respond to my course of antibiotics. My immune system is shot to shit. Look after yourself and keep warm! I am finally on the road to recovery, quite thankful too!

Last night, after successfully lasting a whole day of work, I headed over to Wolves for one of my friends exhibitions that is currently on display. I studied Information Design with Maria, in what feels like a decade ago. She currently lives in Stellenbosch, where she is completing her Masters in illustration and is a freelance illustrator and designer.

You can visit her site right here. Her exhibition, entitled "Paper Tales -An Exhibition by Maria Lebedeva" opened at Wolves last night and will run through the month of August.  Sorry for the blurry out of focus pics, I am still pretty out of it!

P.S. I bought that fat water-colour penguin (the last image). I will give him a loving home I promise!

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