Homeless Animals Day 2011

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Saturday 27 August at 9am. The Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is based just outside Pretoria East, on the old Bronhorstspruit Road, Plot 75, Vaalbank

Saturday the 27th August is the National Animals Homeless Day.  The day starts at .  Come and lend a helping caring hand and spoil a Wet Nose orphan for the day. There is loads of fun and entertainment.  You can “adopt” an orphaned dog or cat for the day and you will be walking and playing with it all day.  You can bath, dip and groom your little dog on the day as well.  And if it steals your heart maybe you can adopt it and give it a permanent home…..

The cats will be meowing for your attention as well, So Cat lovers bring your grooming tools along and come and groom and pamper our homeless cats in the cattery on the day.

  • A dog show from the dog unit
  • “Ronnie” and her digs will also host a show
  •  Our animal behaviorist will be on standby to help answer all your questions you have about dogs and cats.
  • Then the highlight of the day will be the 1km dog walk. You can take your Wet Nose dog on the walk and receive a special certificate for partaking in this event.  Something to treasure and remind you that YOU helped make a difference to a homeless animal.
  • A Miss Wetnose Animal Rescue 2011 model competition will take place proudly hosted by Dunay Darren and Sarah Kate Scott
  • Food stalls and beverages will be available.
  • Also there will be a BIG screen TV for the die hard rugby fanatics!
  • Various stalls to support
  • Kiddies entertainment and lots more!
  • Braai Boy will be braaing on the day and supporting the event with his companies. All his proceeds will go to Wetnose.      
  • There are many biker crews joining. One being Equity Riders and another being the Flatline Crew with metro police escorts.
  • TWITTER: Henno Gous (@whisperdscream), Julia Rubkina (Julzy85), Meg Ekart (Meg_misshotcake) and Tyron (Tyronlsa) will be arranging pick up points for donations in this week and next for those who can’t make it.
  • The popular venue, Arcade Empire, has pledged to serve as a collection point for donations and will be promoting to their attendees to bring donations and gather huge support.
  • Support in a mere week has grown at an unbelievable rate just within the community
  • A minimum of 1000 people are expected to attend the event
  • The winner of the 24yr old category in the beauty pageant will gain regional access into the Miss SA interviews
Please do not bring your own pets along as this day we are dedicating to the orphaned ones that need your love and care.  Children must be supervised on the day.

Entrance is R20.00 per adult and safe parking is R5.00

Also we will have a “food bowl” where we urge people to bring any animal food, toys or blankets to place inside for the shelter animals!

Let’s make a difference together and help us to help all the animals!
Please contact (013) 932 3941/2/6 or (013) 935 3368  for more info on this very special fun day where we all make a difference.


About Wet Nose:

The Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is based just outside Pretoria East, on the old Bronhorstspruit Road, Plot 75, Vaalbank.  Wet Nose is a “right to life” registered animal rehabilitation shelter and we care for abandoned and neglected, abused animals.  We care for over 250 dogs and 45 cats monthly and we try our outmost best to find a 100 homes a month. We started in 1999 on a rented property and today we can proudly say that we have our own premises for the last 3 years!

Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre believes that ALL animals deserve a second chance in life and does not believe in the euthanasia of healthy animals.  Wet Nose has an Inspectorate division that investigates and prosecutes complaints from members of public reporting cruelty, neglect and abandonment of animals. We give all animals a safe refuge until we have found them new loving homes or reunited them back with their worried owners should they have strayed.  Some of the animals at Wet Nose have been hurt by their experiences, so we often have to spend time helping them overcome problems they’ve developed as a result of abuse.  Our vet treat animals against disease and treat any problems at our clinic, kennel hands provide everything from hearty meals to cuddles; and volunteers take our dogs for long walks.  We also offer to re~home your pet should you not be able to accommodate it any more.  We also assist by advising on animal behavioral problems.


  • To rehabilitate and re~home abandoned, neglected, abused and unwanted animals
  • To offer personal service to owners and animals in distress.
  • To educate the public, especially children and to eradicate ignorance about animals.
  • To facilitate the adoption of animals into caring homes.


Wet Nose animal rescue centre is totally dependent on the animals loving public for support.  We receive no grants, Municipal or Government funding.  Every animal that enters our care must be fed, loved, vaccinated, de-wormed, micro chipped and sterilised before it can go to a new home. Many are in a bad state of malnutrition and have to undergo rehabilitation.  You can assist in the following ways:

  • You can volunteer to help at the shelter
  • You can adopt a animal from the shelter
  • You can sponsor an animal in a kennel – kennel sponsorship.
  • You can support our fundraising events
  • You van donate food, bowls or blankets for the animals
  • You can become a Wet Nose Friend.
If you are looking to adopt a lovely pet, please contact Wet Nose first before you buy from a pet shop or breeder, we have many lovely animals in need of homes.  Wet Nose not only cares for dogs and cats, but also cares for farm animals and assists in wildlife. 

Wet Nose also promotes a sterilisation campaign whereby the organisation assists the underprivileged by helping to sterilise their pets at a reduced fee if you cannot afford the veterinary fees.

We welcome volunteers to come and assist us with the walking and caring of our animals, should you wish to volunteer your services to our organisation please contact our offices. Children are urged to come and volunteer at the shelter as you will work hands on with the animals and at the same time be educated on the care and correct handling  of animals.

Wet Nose operates an emergency contact service to assist owners in distress and can be reached on 082 677 8084 all hours.


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