Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hello world! Welcome to the last week of July 2011. Goodbye Birthday Month, Hello last six months of the year. So much stuff is happening at the moment. I am super busy with work, studies, freelance design work and of course the blog revamp that life is a bit cray cray at the mo! If I don't blog for a while, it's 'cause I am super busy! So miss me, but I WILL be back asap, I promise!

First things first, I just uploaded two DELICIOUS recipes on to Overcoming Olives, so head on over there and check them out now!

On Sunday, New York became the sixth American state to legalize same sex marriage. Hundreds of couples applied to be wed at the City Clerk's office in Manhattan. You can go here to see a selection of 20 couples that said "I do" and their thoughts and happiness.


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