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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sometimes, I wish I had more friends or family with kids. More so, because I REALLY like toys! This toy manufacturer combines all the design qualities I love: sustainability, funtionality and aesthetic appeal. Gween toys are high-quality, organic toys made from natural materials. The toys entertain and educate children while communicating a little message on saving the environment. All of their toys are created by hand using wood from sustainable trees and natural colorings from the roots, bark and leaves of native plants. No glues, paints, metals, plastics or other synthetic materials are used in the making of the toys. And all of their packaging is made from recycled materials.

You can visit their site here or like them on Facebook here.


waitingforluca said...

Very cute! Available locally or would one have to order online? Sorry ... I'm being a lazybones.

Seed said...

It's only available online! I know, boo! But, so cool and good for the planet as well!

Gween said...

Hi Seed,
Thanks for writing such a nice post about our toys. We didn't know at all and stumbled across your blog only now. How did you get to know about us? And yeah, sorry about the toys being available only in US right now. Will surely update you once we offer it in other countries.

Creative Director, Gween.

Seed said...

Hi Anindita,
Thank you for your wonderful suprise compliment! Your products are truly awesome! I came across your Facebook group, quite by chance and I was completely enchanted with your products. Please do let me know when the toys are available in other countries!

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