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Friday, 15 July 2011

On Wednesday night this week, bloggers from all over Johannesburg came, saw and conquered Wolves Cafe, for a Johannesburg Blogger Meetup! Thank you to the three amazeball, blogger girls, that organized and hosted the event, Nicki, Natasha and Angie! The evening was a HUGE success!

I met lots of faces I see in the virtual world and lots of new ones too. I met my present swop buddy, Jo (I love you Jo!). Sadly I never got round to meeting my new present swop buddy, but I am stalking her, so I shall rectify that situation. We also indulged in coffee, red velvet cupcakes (no pilgrimage to Wolves is complete without one!) and LOTS of free Laborie wine.

The best part One of the highlights of the whole evening were the ridiculous amount of prizes! Everything from a year supply of Pringles, to yummy treats and even cameras! I won a night's stay for two, at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosebank! Talk about a perfectly timed Birthday present, right? I did tell Angie that I would use it to have a 'dirty weekend' perhaps I may just jump on the bed all night and make sex sounds? Ideas?

I have a list of all the bloggers (about 50!) and their sites, which I stole from Natasha's blog at the end of all the photos! Go ahead and visit them too! Sadly not many male bloggers came. Boys that blog please come say hi next time, you meet nice people and can win prizes too!

The first 9 of the photographs, I nicked from Emma's blog because she takes such nice pictures with her nice camera.

The organizers: Nicki, Natasha and Angie

Jo my first present swap buddy on the left

Emma and Sarah

My next swop buddy, Michelle, on the right

Bloggers in no particular order:

Tanya – tan32.wordpress
Roz – 
Timor –
Gina –
Stacey Vee –
Nicci –
Serena –
Hayley –
Vanessa – randomramblingsofacrazedwoman.blogspot
Kate –
Carlette –
Sarah –
Sid –
David –
Tanya –
Tunet –
Lexie –
Tiffany –
Paul –
Emma –
Jo –
Michelle –
Alma –
Roxy –
Lou – (computer says no???)
Mariella –
Araffa –
Natalie -
Greg –
Gareth –
Tamiya –
Kirsty –
Faye – (Blogger does not like this?)
Amy -
MeeA –
Camilla –
Yusuf – (under construction)
Megan – (Second Floor Living)
Jeanette – and
Fiona –
Stacey -
Sindi-Leigh –
Ricardo – (waiting for URL)
Tamaryn –
Indianna –
Ivana –
Gwen –
Angie –
Natasha –
Nicki –


waitingforluca said...

Great post! AWESOME and perfectly timed win for you! Thanks so much for coming!!! x

Seed said...

THANK YOU for organizing! Was so much fun! I love my prezzie/birthday gift!

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