Monday, 27 June 2011

What an awesomely ridiculous weekend!  Hope you had a busy and good weekend too?

Yesterday I went to visit that lovely lil King of mine. We went to Market on Main and on our way back home we stopped at the 'Throbbing Strawberry' in Douglasdale.

King's name is Greg Cattell, you can follow him on twitter. We have great plans of world domination. Greg's on a vegetarian diet, so we had Vanilla-Strawberry Daiquiris and avo-feta-tomato-pizza. I also took him some red velvet cupcakes, that slightly dried out because my domestic felt it necessary to open every door/window in my house whilst I was baking. Thank you Maria, I appreciate your airing out qualities. 

I also need to tell you that if the posts I did on the present swop allured you enough, Angie is doing round two! Yay! Me love Angie! Go sign up now! 


angie said...

thanks for the love :)

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