Thursday, 2 June 2011

Hello, hello. So yesterday I finally could get a doctors appointment. Turns out I have bronchitis, the black lung. This has left me in bed, under the influence of ten different types of pills, syrups and pumps. The thing about being sick, is there isn't much you can do. If I read, I end up falling asleep in a matter of minutes and then precede to wake up because my book falls on my face and attempts to suffocate my already blocked breathing passages. So I end up watching daytime TV. Which, well, now we all know why daytime TV sucks. Yesterday, and this morning, I saw a product that is only available in the UK and USA. But, I see in my stats, I have many more readers up north. So perhaps they can comment and tell us if they have seen this product:


Basically "Booty Pop" is womens panties with padding on the butt area, as to enhance the booty, making it "pop". Yes, a true innovative product. All girls want a Kim Kardashian butt. With the advent of Wallmart winning over Massmart right here in sunny South Africa, I no doubt gather that one day I too will be able to own my very own pair!


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