Baby, when it's Cold Outside

Friday, 24 June 2011

Ok, ok. Apologies to my daily readers. I have been a very bad blogger of late. I blame work and general exhaustion. But, slowly and surely my life is getting back together.

Today I'm doing a double post whammy. 1. Because I have been a bad blogger. 2. I love you guys that much. 3. Because I have officially hit 100 posts! Yay!

So post number one:

The three reasons I have survived the last few weeks of work and onset of winter:

1. Clipper. Natural, fair and delicious. White Tea with Peppermint.
This is the best tea to give you that little oomph you need to get through stress. It also makes you feel more energetic and bouncy. However, I must admit, I bought the tea because of the beautifully designed packaging (at Pick 'n Pay for all my South African readers). My mother would not be proud to know I bought tea because of packaging, none the less, the packaging is eco friendly and houses the most exquisite yummy tea bags!
2. NOMU. Sugar-free hot chocolate.
It's winter and who can resist hot chocolate in winter?  The sister product to the sugar free version, is just as scrumptious, however, may have you reaching for your fat pants after the third mug. Again I must admit I was a sucker for more great packaging, elegant silver tin. NOMU is a proudly South African brand. Visit to learn more about their wonderful brand and other awesome products. I love the story of the creators, so cute!
3. Chilla hot toffee-caramel-latte.
UBER decadent. Pull out the fat pants.

Can't help but love winter and the abundance of warm drinks! I'll drink to that!



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