10 Things: Jo from Button Candy

Monday, 23 May 2011

Hooray! We survived! The world did not end! Hooray for us!

Everybody remember my  present swop buddy Jo (Joanne Morisson) from Button Candy? Well, lovely Jo, has crafted the most beautiful 10 Things post for a Monday morning. Thank you so much Jo, you are more awesome than Milo and chocolate on a cold Winter's night!

Click on the image to make the pictures larger.
Ollie is SOOOOO cute! Go visit Button Candy now and you can read about him and his new friend! Also would love to know where she got herself a onezie...

The hussle and bussle image was found here and the cold image here.

You can also follow Jo on Twitter by following: @buttoncandy

Have a rocking day friends. Over and out.


www.buttoncandy.org said...

hullo friend! Thank you for this post !!!!

Got my onezie in Canada, my sister got it for me! When i went to visit her the last time, i got my husband one too! You should see how awesome we look together in them!!!!!

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