10 Things: Anelle from Seven Swans

Thursday, 5 May 2011

The first guest 10 Things feature is proudly brought to you by Anelle of Seven Swans. Seven Swans is a design studio which makes uber-awesome-pretty wedding stationery and also have a very inspiring and beautiful blog. Anelle lives with her wonderful hubby in the Cape Winelands. A big THANK YOU to Anelle for sharing her 10 Things with us, you are awesome!

10 Things – Anelle from Seven Swans (www.sevenswans.co.za)

We are so excited to be guest bloggin' on A Seed of Thought, but guest blogging about one of our recent crushes? Doesn't get much better! Especially if it means we get to reveal just a teeny little bit of a secret project we have been working on.

Blame it on Wes Anderson's jaw-dropping-beautiful-funny-charming-and-just-absolutely-perfect animation based on the brilliant book, Fantastic Mr Fox, by much loved, Roald Dahl. We couldn't help but fall madly in love with the quick and crafty Mr Fox.  Well, it also reminds of that cute scene in You've Got Mail where Tom Hanks is frantically trying to shut up his nephew who insists his name EF- O-EX. We just loved that too. But then came kind of an avalanche of fox-things that make our hearts leap:

1.     Beautiful concept drawing for Fantastic Mr Fox http://collider.com/wes-anderson-interview-fantastic-mr-fox/11667/
2.     Perfectly crafted fox brooch by the wonderful SA Talent Trinket (http://www.trinketdesign.co.za/)
5.     Our music fox obsession Fleet Foxes! Poster by Alvin Diec http://www.alvindiec.com/indexhibit/index.php?/project/test/ and if you dont believe me just listen to them here (http://soundcloud.com/cbmblogger/fleet-foxes-mykonos)
9.     I want this fox cushion! http://ny-image2.etsy.com/il_570xN.203906286.jpg
10.  And lastly a sneakpeek at what Seven Swans (www.sevenswans.co.za) have been doing behind the scenes. We are SO excited about this project and will reveal all SOON, promise! 

Join the Seven Swans fan page on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/sevenswansweddings and 
follow Anelle on Twitter: http://twitter.com/_sevenswans_


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Seriously awesome!!!

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