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Monday, 9 May 2011

Hello, hello. This week's 10 Things is brought to you my blog/twitter bud Annika of Anysroad. THANK YOU so much Annika for your awesome 10 Things! Me love you long time!

10 scarves - 10 moods.
I wear a scarf. Every day. In any weather. I feel naked leaving the house without. By now I have quite a collection to suit my mood or to make my mood.
1.       The old school classic. YSL found and rescued in my mother’s closet and I love it even though it does make me look like a flight attendant.
2.       The oddity. I love this scarf for its slightly odd prints, it’s one for an I’m-in-weird-mood-today-day. Most importantly though there is a giraffe on it too.
3.       The magician’s scarf. When I need a bit of magic in my day.
4.       The old favourite. I wore that every day for about a year, it makes me feel homey.
5.       The new favourite. I also wore that every day for about a year after I got it in New York. It makes me feel New York homey.
6.       Mother’s cast off. I got this little chiffon Pucci for my mother actually, but she recently admitted that she doesn’t wear it as the shade of turquoise is not quite right and doesn’t match her other turquoise clothes.
7.       The sparkling pain. I bought this inspired by a friend who always wears something sparkling and looks fantastic. I didn’t realize that sequence around your neck actually hurts. I think I admire her even more now.
8.       The I-got-broken-up-with-while-wearing-this-scarf. Then he had the nerve to compliment me on it.
9.       Poncho merger. Since the buttons don’t hold it in poncho shape anymore, I wear it as a scarf when it gets really cold or I need to hide.
10.   Colorburst. This scarf literally brightens my mood any given day.
Bio: Okay, me German born with a more than slight Yankee accent due to six years in and a big love for New York. Have been in Cape Town for almost four years. I work as a production coordinator by day and Bikram yoga teacher by night. I do drink too much red wine to take myself serious as a yogi, but my students don't know that. Started blogging (http://anysroad.blogspot.com/) just at the beginning of the year, because my Mum always told me that I write nicely and she really only wants a letter for her birthday (and she actually means it!) I love the smell of ocean, English history, Pinot Noir and really want a cat and name her Miumiu. I'm currently single and this week particularly I really dislike men in general, the French and the Swedish in particular. 32 years old, so I think untill I'm 33 which I think sounds great, I will tell people I'm 29.

Find Annika on twitter: @anysroad


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