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Monday, 25 April 2011

I have been quiet this weekend. Rather swamped with worked and retail therapy, very important things. Yesterday, to avoid my hermit ways, I decided to go to the theatre. You probably would've noticed by now, I go to the theatre quite a lot. It's my hobby. I love watching plays and the like. I think this is attributed to my mom. Mother dearest was an actor in her youth and thus dragged my sister and I to the theatre on most weekends as well as speech and drama lessons, public speaking, toastmasters, poetry recitals, etc, etc. It all makes sense now, right?

The South African State theatre is hosting "Rivonia Trial" currently. Brought back from a wonderful run last year, the show has been shortened to just under 180min. It is long, if you are not a theatre lover, I would say give it a miss. I was captivated for the full 180min. An interesting feature the play has is the use of the downstairs rooms in the State Theatre which act as prison cells as the audience walks up to their seats and the ushers and ticket collectors as policemen. They even go so far as referring to the ticket stubs as dompas's. The production stars Maake ka Ncube as Nelson Mandela, Raymond Mhlaba as Albert Luthuli and a host of other stars such as: Lionel Newton, David Clatworthy, Emmanuel Castis, Macks Papo, Nicos Spanoudes and Xollie Tshabalala. The wigs and costumes are very convincing, as well as the ingenious stage production! It is a heartfelt and emotional production that stabs at your heartstrings. Simply brilliant!

In two days, South Africa will celebrate Freedom Day. It infuriates me every year that numerous people I know, can speak of the South African government and leaders with such distaste that other countries would consider it an embarrassment. Perhaps, everyone reading this should embrace some South African history for a change instead of eliciting ignorant comments about our current leaders, political debates and services. If the passion and vision for South Africa, stood fast as with the leaders convicted in the Rivonia Trial, perhaps South Africa will be place of hope for future generations. I was raised in a household that spoke about politics and still does. My parents, newspapers and books have explained a lot more of the history of my country to me, than I think most apathetic people could be bothered with. Usually I keep my trap shut, but in the last month I have realized that the beauty of my blog, is it is my opinion. If you do not like my thoughts, read something else. There is no place for dictatorship in here. I just wish people would give a damn!


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