Peace and Love

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Today is one of THOSE days. It took me three (3) hours to get work today?! By the time I did get to the godforsaken place, I was so freaking fed up, I was contemplating my options of finding a rich husband and retiring into housewife bliss. Seriously, the amount of time I spend traveling to and from work is seriously taking its toll on me and will soon, literally.

I got to work feeling very sorry for my self. I was venting to my office mate when one of my fourth year students (I work as a lecturer at a university) came in to give me a present from her class and say that they really like me and appreciated what I taught them. It was so heart-warming! I shed a few happy tears, even though I am made of stone. Them students are so rad and cute. I love them sooo much! They are awesome and one day, you watch, they will run the design/advertising industry in South Africa. Yesssir!

They gave me a cool little necklace holder. I think they may have noticed my very large collection of accessories. My addictions are becoming noticeable. Note to self, stop filling voids with objects.

After suffering through traffic for two (2) hours to get home after work,  I got home and my tv is on the fritz along with my fridge. So I ignored these went to pilates and laughed so hard with my wonderful pilates instructor Christie.

To end off this rollercoaster of a day, I also found a brooch one of my students found in Johannesburg central. It's a Peace Day brooch. When I was in grade one, we had to wear t-shirts with those doves on and stand around the flag and sing a Peace Day song. It was also the t-shirt I was wearing when the new South African flag was introduced to us, and again we sang some song to the flag. I am not too sure why we sang to a flag. South Africans do not sing to flags, just a note to the rest of the world.

P.S. Apologies for the crap picture quality, I got home late and had to take them in the light of a lampshade.


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