An Ode to Paprika

Saturday, 9 April 2011

This morning, as I was groggily drinking my tea and staring out my window, an ENORMOUS amorous male pigeon started mounting an equally ENORMOUS female pigeon on the roof of my garage across from my window. The two fluttered around, the female, trying to shake the evidently horny male off. I felt violated after watching. They certainly ruffled my feathers.  I looked away. In truth, I am sure the male must've scored in the end. I do not choose to know. I will let you know if I see any nests in trees surrounding my home in coming months.

Right, back to the present. Many years ago, when I was but a young studious seed. I met a lovely seed boy who is half Italian and half Spanish. The lovely seed boy is gay, before your mind runs away with you. We dream of one day having one third Indian, third Italian, third Spanish gaybies. They will be beautiful. Our union, is called Paprika. Because we're spicy like that. This male seed, which I have tried to keep out (for many reasons) of my blog until now is wonderful. I call him my husband and I am his wife. If I was male and gay, I am sure he would've mounted me like that amorous pigeon this morning. Just saying, sorry for the overshare. So, Husband plays a big role in my life. We fight like 6 year old girls, giggle like them and love each other more than boys. In coming months I am sure I will blog more about husband, I have even listed him as a label. But, to start things off, I thought I would share some of the obscene youtube videos he has sent me. I actually did not know you can sexualize the male body more than the female body or exploit it in such ways. Have a ogle and let me know what you think!


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