Love. Loathe. Own.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Last week, I said there would be some changes on the blog, to make it a bit more interactive. I want to do this with both blogger and non-blogger friends.

SO, I present to you, a new feature! TA-DAAA! Called: Love. Loathe. Own. (LLO) This feature is blogger specific. I will be asking my very nice blogger friends to do LLO's. Each blogger will share with us ten things they Love, Loathe and Own. I don't have a purpose for this is. It's just nice to know about different people and bloggers are such nice people.

To kick us off we have the lovely Che Kershaw of Indieberries. Visit Che's blog to learn more about Che! She is very interesting and is currently teaching English in South Korea. Che won Best Blog Design and Best Personal Blog in the 2010 South African Blog Awards. Also Indieberries turned one a few weeks ago - So join the party and visit!

1. Accessories (and yes, in this picture I am drinking a box wine with a straw. [love being classy too])
2. Cereal
3. My name and handwriting
4. The smell of chalk

5. Frogs
6. Papyrus Font
7. Negative People

8. A Microwave egg boiler (best thing that was ever given to me)
9. 4 Cameras - SLR, Action Sampler, Instax and Diana F+
10. 4 Pairs of Converse Sneakers.


Che said...

Thanks for featuring me! This was a fun list to do ;) happy blogging.

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