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Sunday, 10 April 2011

A few weeks ago the clever Wolves owner and blogger, Angie, had a brilliant idea. Angie asked on her blog, if bloggers would like to take part in a presssent project with bloggers from all over the country. It's similar to the package project, but we each get it a new friend every month or two to send a gift to. You can read more about the whole thing right here on Lucky Pony, Angie's blog.

I am mailing off my first swap buddy today. I hope my swop buddy, Mrs J. Morrison likes what I got her. Her name is Joanne and she has a lovely blog about her passion, buttons! I like buttons too.

Check out my crazy tape skills! That envelope will never budge! Good luck trying to open that Jo, sorry,  I got a bit tape-happy!

3 comments: said...

oh just wait till you see mine - i have ugly brown tape all over it.

im going to the P.O at lunch today i phoned ahead to make sure they were online.

Can't wait.

Seed said...

There was a quote I read once that went something like this: " tape is like the force, it has a dark side, a light side and holds the world together".

I looked up your prezzie on SAPO, it says it's in transit! So exciting! :)

angie said...

ahhah! funny, mine was also all tapped up like a crazy person at the back.

i hope i'm there when you try open it Jo haha!

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