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Monday, 4 April 2011

Hello sweet blog readers! Have ya missed me? I was giving you time to vote for me in the Cooked Recipe Challenge. I tried my darndest. I don't think I am going to win, my competition seems to be manufacturing people or Facebook profiles and I do not want to ruin my friendship with people by begging them to vote for me anymore. It has become demoralizing. I also don't feel Facebook is an honest and fair judgement of something.

Anyway! Let's not talk about food for a while! Today, I have some rad posters to share with you. They have been create by a guy called Viktor Hertz. Mr Hertz, like me has two great passions, movies and graphic design. I love Mr Hertz already. Don't you? Anyhoo, the clever man has created a series of pictogram movie posters. Pictograms are universal symbols which explain things, for example the little man or woman sign on toilet doors or  no smoking signs.
Hertz on pictograms: "I’ve always been fascinated and a bit obsessed by pictograms, with the way they are as simple as possible," he tells us. "A classmate called me a 'pictophile' the other day. I can only agree. I made a few Kubrick posters some time ago, using pictograms, so that’s where it all started. Now I wanted to be consistent, and do a series of posters using the same grid and style, making them work together as a whole.

"I try to bring a twist to it, and not get too simple. I want to be unpredictable and entertaining, and make something that communicates the film instantly, yet in an original way."
 The posters I have here as well as more can be viewed on Flickr as part of an on-going project Hertz has created called Pictogram Movie Posters. Be sure to check it out regularly as he keeps uploading new ideas and posters!


any said...

How cool is spiderman?!

Seed said...

Yeah it's my favorite too! Did you find the recipe my dear? It's here: http://seedsthoughts.blogspot.com/2011/03/cooked-recipe-challenge.html

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