I Burnt My Tongue on Milo

Thursday, 14 April 2011

I burnt my tongue on Milo. I have no cooking clue why I have shared that with the world. BUT, what I now have to share with the world today is truly amazing.

For those of you who don't know, my life has been split into three HUGE celebrity crushes, based on age periods. Age 12-15: Ricky Martin (he was not gay when I had this crush, ok?!). Age: 16-21: Justin Timberlake (he was not an actor at this time). Age: 24-present: Jeff Bridges. I think between the ages of 21-24 I discovered non celebrity boys and their boringness.

The other day, my awesome present swapper buddy Jo, gave me the coolest present ever. She sent me this link to Miss Moss's blog. Jeff Bridges has the coolest website, by an actor, I have ever seen. Holy crap the man is amazing and multitalented. He draws, takes photographs , sings, designs and paints. I am going to go heal my burnt tongue by drooling at him for a bit. Hope you enjoy the eye candy as well!


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