Cold Day, Warm Bed

Saturday, 16 April 2011

It is freezing and rainy outside. So I spent the day bundled up in the warmth of my bed. I decided to catch up on some internet reading. Here are some cool things I found:

Cold days create lustful thoughts of the sun, frolicking outside and picnics usually. I found an article on the world's prettiest paper plates on Fast Company. These are created by a Japanese company called WASARA. The plates are composed of tree-free paper created by bamboo, reed pulp and sugarcane. They are eco-friendly, biodegradable and simply exquisite! My favorite is the coffee cup, bottom right.

Also on Fast Company there is an article on TED doing a bit of an American Idol on us. TED is holding a day of public auditions for upcoming conferences for the public. You can read the Fast Company article here. I found an interesting video in the article, about how to get noticed:


findingmilkylane said...

I love the WASARA bits...

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