Absolutely Fabulous

Monday, 18 April 2011

A few days ago, Joanna Lumley was trending on Twitter. Whenever one thinks of Joanna Lumley, one usually thinks of the TV show Absolutely Fabulous. What a fabulous show of my youth. The plot according to the reputable source of Wikipedia: Edina Monsoon(Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy Stone(Joanna Lumley) are two immature, chain-smoking, alcoholic, prosperous but preposterous substance-abusing fashion and fad-obsessed Londoners who value fame and style over substance. Saffron, Edina's disapproving daughter, provides the persistently dour voice of disapproval.

This brings me to my topic today. Eccentric fashion designers. A while ago I blogged about John Galliano being fired by Dior. Well, dear old Galliano has now been fired from his own label, John Galliano. This happen because Dior owns 91% of the Galliano house. Poor John. 

Also slightly nutty. Lady Gaga has said that her song, Born This Way, was channeled through her by the late, great DEAD spirit of Alexander McQueen. Ok I am the biggest McQueen fan ever, so I don't really give a hoot about Lady Gaga's weird channeling of the dead. Look at the Alexander McQueen bag collection for Summer/Spring 2011. SOOOO hot right now! He did not design these, he is dead. But, they are under his label. Long live McQueen! Love the use of skulls and knuckles.


Giselle said...

wow. those are a-freakin-mazing bags!

Seed said...

Aren't they just? Just realized the abundance of grammar and spelling errors in this post. Apologies, and kudos for deciphering what I meant!

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