O Happy Day!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Late night blog post due to catching up with best friend. We stuffed ourselves with wonderful food and red wine. I love my bestie so much. I gave her a teaspoon tonight, a little weird, I know. But then again so am I. 
I found these amazing spoons in a little shop filled with treasures and antiques in Melville, Johannesburg. I must admit I never know what is cool in an antique store. I get a bit lost. Anyway, I saw these two spoons a while back and then I dreamt about them, so I knew I had to go and buy them for me and my bestie Barbara. It's amazing how well crafted they are! They say Royal Canin on the back, as in the pet food. Uber weird. The nice shopkeeper said she thinks they came from one of those media campaigns when you buy ten bags of pet food, you get a free teaspoon. Whatever the story I absolutely love them. Cat teaspoon is now owned by Barbara and the fox is sitting in my sugar bowl. Look at the detail even in the rose at the base of the spoon. Flip they are so cool! Ok I am off to bed now to dream of more teaspoons. Goodnight y'all. 


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