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Monday, 28 March 2011

Today I decided to go to  a bookstore. I haven't had time to visit a bookstore in ages. It was a mission. Mission objective: To locate the book "Curry leaves and cumin seeds" by Jeeti Gandhi. Ordinarily I would've raided it from my mother, however, mother is traveling the world and not at home. Hence the need for a mission. 

So I arrived at the bookstore VERY VERY excited. Like visiting an old friend. I was so excited, that I needed to pee and proceeded to do the pee-pee-awkward-cross-legs-squat dance and hope it would go away. That didn't work so I had to run-walk to the nearest bathroom, where the sound of angels gently serenaded my relief. Ok SO after that, sorry for the overshare, my mission continued. 

As you may of noticed I have the attention span of a gold fish. BUT! Look what I found! On the shelves of a ye olde South African bookshelf nogal!  MONOCLE! Oh Monocle, how much I love you and have missed you. Monocle, is a publication about business, culture, current affairs and design. In a nutshell: 
Launched in February 2007, Monocle is a global briefing covering international affairs, business, culture and design. Headquartered in London with bureaux in Tokyo, Zürich and New York, Monocle appears 10 times a year in print and is updated constantly at Developed for an international audience hungry for information across a variety of sectors, Monocle's team of award-winning editors and correspondents have been drawn fromThe New York Times, The Independent on Sunday, the BBC, CBC and a host of other news and current affairs outlets. More of a book than a magazine, Monocle's designed to be highly portable (it's lightweight and compact) and collectable (it's thick and robust). On-line, the focus is on broadcasting with a wide array of films, slide shows and audio reports. Edited by Wallpaper* founder and Financial Times columnist Tyler Brûlé, Monocle offers a comprehensive global briefing under a single editorial brand. In print and online, writers and photographers are dispatched to over 50 countries every issue to deliver stories on forgotten states, alluring political figures, emerging brands, fresh forces in popular culture and inspiring design solutions.
You can learn more about Monocle at their website: They also have shops all over the world where they sell wonderfully designed objects. However, Monocle, the publication in itself is designed so beautifully and crafted with such care and attention. To me, its like Time magazine, marrying wallpaper. The design/economic/cultural/business nerd of me weeps with joy whenever I read one. I am ecstatic that they are now in South Africa! Please peruse a copy in your local if you get a chance!

And the gold fish continued with the mission. The bookstore was clean out of "Curry leaves and Cumin Seeds", in fact the whole country is said to be. If you come across one, hang on to it for dear life I say, it is a very good Indian cookbook. However, at my feet, beneath the selves was a bag. At first I thought it was some kind of kids book pack thing, so I ignored it. On closer inspection I figured out that it was an Indian cookbook. I thought nothing could beat "Curry Leaves and Cumin Seeds", but this comes quite close! Ok so the mission was accomplished (sort of).  India Cookbook, written by Pushpesh Pant, was inspired by indian rice bags (hence the bag covering it). The book offers a 1000 Indian recipes divided into 11 sections covering everything from breads, spices and curries. This book is so comprehensive, it explains each region in India, the history, techniques unique to each and traditions. I am truly impressed. I will try out some of the recipes in the coming weeks and report back. 

Pushpesh Pant was born in Nainital, northen India, and is now a professor at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. A regular recipe columnist and author of many cookbooks in India, he has spent two decades collecting authentic family recipes from all over the subcontinent, which have been carefully edited, tested and collated to produce a remarkable collection documenting the rich diversity of Indian cuisine.(


Emma-Jane said...

That Cookbook is SO awesome! :) please post some recipes... love spicy foods!

Seed said...

Will soon!

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