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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Moleskine. To the commoner, moleskine could denote a really horrible vision of a mole being skinned. However, I know, that my readers are clever as scientists and that you all know what a moleskine is. Moleskine's are ofcourse the most beautiful, magically crafted leather bound journals and diaries.

When I was about ten years younger, I fell in love with Moleskine through its quaint size and blurb about how every visionary from Van Gogh to Hemingway once owned one. I have numerous moleskins now, as do most designers/illustrators/poets/artists/etc. In a world where paper is becoming a dying resource, Moleskine has had to change with the times and adapt in order to survive. The strange thing about Moleskine, is that they rarely do any advertising. They rely soley on word of mouth and with limited editions for events and place such as the MoMA and Tribeca Films.  The company continues to diversify and their website is filled with clever features such as a blog and MoleskineCity offering travel information about cities around the world. 

A few days ago Moleskine announced a new initiative on their site, The Artist Marketplace:
Moleskine is pleased to announce the launch of the Moleskine Artist Marketplace, a new kind of e-commerce platform that allows fans and consumers to purchase one-of-a-kind, customized notebooks, journals and planners directly from artists.

Moleskine also has a platform where you can register online and showcase your creative work and engage in discussions and even purchase other peoples artwork. The company is truly a branding masterpiece. I could go on all day about the brilliance of Moleskine, but rather experience it for yourself and visit the site regularly to witness the new innovations!


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