Its Saturday, the day after Friday

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hello everybody! It's Saturday, the day after Friday, just like Rebecca Black predicted. Oi vey, I really think the popularity of Rebecca Black reflects quiet poorly on the society we live in. If you don't know who Rebecca Black is (you're quite lucky, I wish I was you) please google her. I refuse to pollute my blog with her rampant tripe.

So back to the joy that is Saturday morning! Ahhhhh! I just found this on the interweb and can't wait another moment not to blog about it.

I think this is partly because it is a Coen brother movie. I think I own every Coen brother movie as well. Sigh. Them bro's know how to make some good movies. Sighs aside: How awesome is this Big Lebowski Monopoly board. I also have an intense fascination and uber crush on Jeff Bridges. It's my old man crush, so leave me alone! How cool is this monopoly board though?

2.) Everybody Dance! Go here: to see more awesome stuff like this

3.) If you haven't heard. The Oxford English Dictionary has now included the following words in the dictionary: OMG (Oh My God), WAG (wives and girlfriends) and LOL (laugh out loud), muffin top,  la-la land and yuck factor. 

4.) Katy Perry has a new song and music video called E.T. with Kanye West. the video sports some crazy make-up. Katy also asked her KatyKats (fans), to raid their make-up bags this week and recreate their versions of the crazy make-up. They could send it via twitter with the hashtag, #KatyEt and if Katy liked it, she retweeted it. Some girls took it very seriously, there is a lady that has 2 tutorials on Youtube. Apparently it was marketed really well with posters and stuff.  The video drops March 31st. Here's the teaser and some photos of the make up and fans. 

Katy Kat: A fan entry from Katy Perry's Facebook Page


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