Epic Wednesday!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Today was an epic day. In no particular order these are the things that made my day EPIC:

1. Taking 40 minutes to get to work (This was epic because it usually takes me anywhere between an 1h30 to 3 hours to get to work)
2. Having someone say I am good at what I do and how I make them feel
3. Getting my car back (remember I was in an accident)
4. A crazy insane thunderstorm which completely soaked me to the bone whilst I was trying to open the door to my house
5. Pasta on a school night (CARBSSS!)
6. My friend Nicole has started a blog about her wonderful Pretty Perfect Pastry. Go visit:
7. Farryl Purkiss and Yoav (SA musicians rock my world)

Farryl Purkiss: Fruitbats & Crows
Yoav: A Foolproof Escape Plan

If you're reading this across the sea. This is Farryl Purkiss (site: http://www.farrylpurkiss.co.za/): 
And this is Yoav (site: http://www.yoavmusic.com/):

Always remember not to take things for granted. Express your gratitude and gratefulness. This is why, although this stuff may be small and trivial to you, it really made my day EPIC. Appreciate the small things and everything will be awesome.

I leave you with the words of Eileen Caddy, Scottish writer:


v-jenna said...

definitely trying to cultivate the same sense of gratitude in my life too.

so firstly, i'm grateful to you seed, for posting that clip of farryl purkiss.

3 mins of staring at his face was pretty enjoyable.

Seed said...

HAHAHAHAHA! He has a lady in his life! :( Yes, I googled that! I am grateful for your reading, following and commenting Jenna. Thanks! You are awesome my friend!

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