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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hello all! I am terribly sorry about blogging about this so late. In fact it does feel like the Indaba took place about a million years ago. This week has been especially manic. Firstly down with the flu all weekend(awesome) then working on my HUGE pile of work at work (more awesome) and then yesterday morning a MORON decided it was a good time to drive into my 2 month old car during peak hour traffic on the highway. I was mostly depro about my car. I still feel like crying! I hate that buffoon and hope something evil and toxic drives up his derriere.

So let us try again….

I've decided to compose this post of two parts: 1.) Design Indaba 2.) My weeked (and yes I know half the week is over already!)

The Design Indaba conference was held this year from the 23-25 February 2011 at the Cape Town ICC. This year, as with all others before, the conference enthralled, entertained and inspired creative individuals and business people from across the country and the world. The three day conference was abuzz and introduced a twitter hash tag (#designindaba) as well as an SMS line to foster interaction.

A new innovation - which I was privy to, was the Design Indaba Young Designers Simulcast broadcast to Johannesburg at the University of Johannesburg. This allowed people who ordinarily would not have the opportunity to witness the conference, a glimpse of the event. I am sad I missed the exhibition! Two of my friends, Trinket Designer Brooches and Skermunkil exhibited their awesome, beautiful work. I hope they made buckets loads of money, because their work is so ridiculously awesome.

The speakers this year ranged from the vice president of design and strategy of Coca Cola (David Butler), product designer and owner of the Alessi group (Alberto Alessi) to creative director of Google (Robert Wong). The African designers included architect Francis Kere, Richard Hart -graphic designer, Mark Shuttleworth and the co-founders of Daddy's world. The event can be aptly summed up in the words of @beanbagboy: "#DesignIndaba 2011: Preserve culture, improve lives, have fun while doing so". That message also won him a kindle preloaded with a year's subscription to the Mail and Guardian! Lucky bugger! If anyone went, please let me know who were your favorite speakers and why. The conference really inspired me, as I hope it did others. In the words of Robert Wong: "DO EPIC SHIT!".


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