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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ah! I hate it when the past comes back to haunt me! Last weekly, I thought I was so sneaky-sneaky and clever. I blogged about the wonderful Justin Bonello here remember. I thought I would get away with mentioning the Cooked Recipe Challenge competition. Ya, know, just a passing comment. No one will notice. Maybe just the foodies out there that feel enthusiastic.

HOWEVER! I was not so lucky. This morning Justin tweeted me (?!?!!?!). I love it when the famous people tweet. I have hope that one day I will stop being a pleb and maybe be a famous people myself. Yes, I know it was probably not Justin Bonello himself but his little people -but let me dream, ok? Justin's tweet:  Justin Bonello 

@ Thanks for the mention and spreading the word! Hope you'll be entering the challenge! Only two days left!

The first sentence was like. YES! Whoohoo! Awesome! Some blog publicity. BUT THEN I read that part about "hope you'll be entering". Oi vey! SO NOW, I have. I had to put my calamari where my mouth is. No use in typing if I am not going to follow through right?

I was quite frenetic in choosing a recipe. But I finally settled on something I concocted for a Christmas party last year. All the guests loved it, so I know its a winner! Here's my (hopefully winning!) Recipe:

Calamari with Chorizo, Edamame, Rocket 
and Chilli Creme Fraiche

100g Chorizo
200g baby calamari (fresh if possible)
50-100g Edamame beans (fresh soya beans, can substitute half the amount with beans still in pod)
Sea salt and pepper to taste
1 fresh chili, finely chopped
100ml creme fraiche (can substitute with mascarpone)
Green part of a spring onion, cut into strips, placed in ice water

Cut the calamari and chorizo into small bite size pieces. Heat a medium sized wok, until smoking hot. Add the chorizo to the wok and cook until it just starts to ooze oil. Sprinkle calamari over the chorizo and let them cook for about a minute before throwing in the edamame beans. Season well with salt and pepper and allow the mixture to cook through. Mix the chilli into the creme fraiche and gently stir this into the rest of the ingredients in the wok. Remove from heat and place in a serving dish. Garnish liberally with rocket and spring onion.

Either serve as an appetizer, or with crispy bread as a main.

Voila! Bon appetite!

If you are inspired by this post and feel like showing a vote of support, please enter the Cooked Recipe Challenge. Entries close 31 March 2011.


Che said...

looks delicious! :)

Seed said...

Thanks Miss Che!

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