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Monday, 7 March 2011

So this weekend was jam packed full of awesome when I was not working. I FINALLY got to watch Black Swan. I have heard such mixed reviews. Some people hated it, some loved it. I quite proudly loved it. I think the biggest reason why most people hated it is the direct and explicit display of female sexuality. Maybe the people who hated it just need to get "in touch" with themselves more? Excuse the pun!

The dude I share my office with and I have great debates about movies. We both generally hate the same movies and love the same. We both agreed that Black Swan was amazing.

It is choc-o-block filled with SYMBOLISM. If you don't know how important SYMBOLISM is to drama student, please go visit  this post on indieberries blog. It sums it up very nicely with the use of visual aids.  Please let me know your views of Black Swan if you have seen it.

I could potentially have been the last person on the planet not to have seen it. It is beautiful. Well shot, well edited, beautifully scripted, amazing costumes, lighting and production design! It's a masterpiece. I think Natalie totally deserved the Oscar and all her other awards. Anyone who was surprised of her performance surely has not seen this:

I love Natalie Portman. She is amazeballs. She is smart, a diverse actress, super clever and funny. This performance also rooted her in my top ten favorite actors of all time. I also think, unlike Colin Firth, her career is not over after this Oscar, she will come back more amazing, with a baby on hip.

Speaking of AMAZING actors. My awesome friend Mieke Stapelberg found out last week that she has been accepted to study at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts starting in September this year! So one day I will know a famous actress, and you lot would've found that out here first.

Mieks! We are all so proud of you my friend! We're going to miss you so much! But we will come visit. You will be awesome! I love you lots!

Last piece of awesome news for the day, for all you Fashionistas. TOPSHOP SA opens this July in Johannesburg! In time for my birthday! Yay!

Here's an "official" release from their Facebook page:
"Great news all you TopShoppers.. Our very first South African flagship store is set to open in Johannesburg Mid July 2011. A TopMan subdivision will be included in our Johannesburg store. Cape Town will be the next South African City that we are set to launch in however the dates and TopMan vicinity are as of yet not confirmed."

Hope everyone is having a swell Monday (or Tuesday)! 

Love you lots,


Mieke said...

What a wonderful post! I am going to miss you girls even more... but you know what? I am very privileged to say that one day (very soon) I will know a famous PD!xx

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