A Musical Month

Sunday, 20 February 2011

So this month has been pretty musical for most South Africans. I have been very fortunate, as I attended three of the four big concerts this month. Since the end of January, till last weekend, I have seen Imogen Heap, Faithless and U2, in that order. The other big concert was Rammstein-not really sure if I spelt that right, proving that I am not a fan! I'm hanging on to the pictures till I have a slow boring day and need something visual to delight.

Anyway, this weekend I needed a music fix. It was my first weekend concert-less in a while. So with the Grammy's last weekend, I thought it was pretty apt to dedicate this weekend to two Grammy winners of last weekend and what's currently spinning in my CD player: The Black Keys -Brothers and Arcade Fire -The Suburbs. I love the album art on both, what do you think? Google-ise them if you haven't heard of one or either!


v-jenna said...

would have loved to seen imogen heap, i'm sure she was amazing!

v-jenna said...

love to *have seen. oops.

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