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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Everyday at around sometime no where near lunch time, I get hungry. I think it has something to do with the fact that I get up at some obscure time near to when a sparrow farts and dawn and then spend an hour or two on the beloved N1 to Johannesburg.

Luckily usually at this time of stricken hunger pang, my accomplice at work is also usually famished. Tuesdays are usually my quiet days, so accomplice and I have taken to venturing out to lunch on these days. Our office is a few blocks away from 44 Stanley in Joburg, so we usually head that way. Accomplice and I are both newbies to Joburg life, so we like exploring together. 

Today we discovered a very quaint little restaurant. Every other time we've been to 44 Stanley, the place was too busy to seat us. Seems today was our lucky day.

Vovo Telo - Bakery and Cafe.
The restaurant is set on a deck and really beautifully decorated with rugs under foot and pretty hearts dangling beneath rafters. Charm aside, the menu boasts freshly made breads and pastries which are fashioned into sandwiches, pizzas and other yummy carbo loading treats. 

Accomplice and I both settled for pizza. But unfortunately we must both report that one should not try the pizzas. I had the Bianca (olives, pesto, basil and mozzarella) which was REALLY salty. Accomplice had the Black Forest Ham and Strawberries, which was also reported as being less than satisfactory. Look if both of us we're starving on an island and it was the last thing to eat between it and the soles of our shoes, we would choose it again. HOWEVER, the upside we can report was the FRESHLY squeezed juice and Mocha. Well we did need to wash down the pizza… Sorry Vovo Telo
What the place lacks in pizza it makes up with charm. The outside setting offers new experiences , such as we had a visitor during our meal. A little tiny club footed bird was hopping around under neighboring tables and eating crumbs which was extremely entertaining. Also the awesome flat teaspoons and coasters with our Mochas brought smiles to our faces. 

 On the whole I would not recommend Vovo Telo for pizza, but I will say everyone should try it out if not for a cup of coffee and an unusual bird experience. 


SP Bunny said...

Amazing pics! Bird looks like a criminal, though. And I suspect they might make good pastries. Next time!

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